antennasia - "Velo-city: remixed"

Release: March 6th 2009

Catalogue number: LGM025

Label: Lemongrassmusic (LC 12644)

antennasia is a Japanese downtempo/electronica/dub group formed by san (vocals) and Nerve (programming). Their fourth album „Cinemice“ (2005) gained the attention of Ryuichi Sakamoto who started to play their songs in his radio shows. In 2006, antennasia released their strongest effort so far, "23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City" which was filled with an easy vibe, skillful compositions, a deep dive into electronica and a kind of cheerful insanity. Sakamoto described their album as „ music that I can be extremely relaxed to“ and announced a „bright future“ for the band.

This remix album makes us marvel at the mysteriously adaptable voice of san. Her singing is the red thread on a staggering journey. While the first half of the album is a playful exploration of the downtempo universe, the second half surprises with accelerated beats and quirky sounds. "Velo-City: remixed" includes remixes by such renowned artists as Rob Smith (UK), Team Doyobi (UK), Hird (Sweden), Embee (Sweden), DJ3000 (USA), Lemongrass (Germany) and Hybrid Leisureland (Japan).


01 Mannequin (Ruibyat Rework)

Ruibyat was formed by Wataru Abe and Momoko Yoshikawa in 2007. Bringing together Momoko’s folky and exotic vocals and Wataru’s ensemble of acoustic instruments, their remarkable rework of “Mannequin” mirrors their unique and highly accompished style. Stoic but emotional.

02 Pegasus (Rob Smith Remix)

Legendary producer/dj of Smith & Mighty puts his hands on „Pegasus“. Obviously, you’ll get some heavy bass in this remix, but then it sounds altogether differently from what you know of him so far. Stripped bare to the track’s essentials he creates space for san’s breathtaking voice.

03 Yojigen, Kosa, Shingo, Ikiru (Embee Remix)

Swedish producer/dj Embee is a member of Looptroop Rockers and has twice been awarded "best producer" at the Swedish hip hop awards. His remix shows how talented a producer he is. Heavy slow-motion beats, accomplished breaks and some nicely chiselled arrangements.

04 Night Camel (Hybrid Leisureland Remix)

Hybrid Leisureland is a Tokyo based ambient / breakbeats project by Hidetoshi Koizumi. He releases from Ultimea (France) and Floor Limit (Japan). In this remix, he takes you to soundscapes that evoke a dream-like atmosphere surrounding you with colourful synth sounds.

05 Blue Dress / Paradise Parlor (Nerve’s Breakdown Mix)

This Breakdown mix comes courtesy of Nerve, antennasia's programmer himself and is a medley of 2 tracks. The first half "Blue Dress" charms as a jazzy house track with sly electronica elements while the latter part "Paradise Parlor" makes you prick your ears when this freaky dubby something sets in.

06 Velowitch’s Trick (DJ3000 Motech Remix)

DJ3000 is an acclaimed dj/producer from the Detroit techno scece. He is also known as resident dj of Underground Resistance and runs the renowned Motech label This remix is a combination of a dark, strong and beautiful Detroit-style techno and antennasia sound. Surprisingly bouncy.

07 Nightcamel (Icaseatic Aching Melt : Version by Team Doyobi)

Team Doyobi is a UK electronic music duo signed to Skam Records (also famous for the releases of Boards of Canada). They specialize in electronic sounds that crossbreed various music genres. Here, they dismantled antennasia's original track and re-constructed some tricky electronic dance stuff.

08 Blue Dress (Hird Remix)

Hird is best known for his “Keep You Kimi” which was favoured by the likes of Richard Dorfmeister and Gilles Peterson, excelling by its amazingly rich and jazzy downtempo sound. Quite in contrast, his „Blue Dress“ remix is what he calls „a kind of free jazz techno minimal old school kind of experiment.“

09 First Flight (Lemongrass Remix)

Lemongrass has gone a long way of musical expressions from drum'n' bass, trip-hop to ambient from the late 90s until today, with more than 10 albums under his belt. His remix is a deep & mysterious downtempo track which connects well to the previous tracks on the darker side and wonderfully leads back to the album’s dream-like beginning.

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