Lemongrass - "Time Tunnel" (72648 h retrospective)


Release: 2005
Catalogue number: molesp-001-2
Label: Mole Listening Pearls

If you want to make a time-travel, you need a time-machine. Or so you think. But you can do it differently - and more easily: Just take a CD player and the latest work "Time Tunnel" (2 CDs) from the founder of Lemongrass, Roland Voss, and off you go on an unbelievably exciting trip to the various and successful works of the last eight years of the artist, who produces in the proximity of Bielefeld.

"Time Tunnel" is not simply a "Best of..." album of Lemongrass, but rather a retrospective. In addition, Roland Voss has deliberately selected several unknown and until now unreleased tracks. The idea of "Time Tunnel" was to create a chronological order - which also applies to the two time-travels "Backward" (approx. 2003 - 1998) and "Forward" (approx. 1997 - 2003).

"All There", "Illusion", "Nightingales", "Umbalila", and "Ocean" are the five formerly unreleased tracks on the CDs, "La Plume", "Bucca", and "Elements" had been released on the CD "Solar Incense", that was only available in Japan. "Elements"? Yes, Roland Voss really is in his element. And obviously has a lot of fun. Unreleased tracks, remixes, alternative versions, and rare tracks - "Time Tunnel" offers real novelties and is to the ears what the American cult series "The Time Tunnel" used to be for the eyes: a (musical) adventure with many surprising turns, a brillant feat of fantasy. Easy, harmonious. Melodies you can´t get out of your head. On his time-travel, Voss also stops at some well-known musical milestones from his first five albums that were published in Germany. Some of the stops are, for example, "La musique" (Skydiver, 2003), "Journey To A Star" (Windows, 2001), or "La mer" (Voyage au centre de la terre, 2000). "Time Tunnel" also offers an impressive insight into the musical development of Roland Voss, the rise of his style from the beginnings to the present.

If you are a fan of Lemongrass: Don´t miss "Time Tunnel"! If you are interested: "Time Tunnel" is an ideal start, which will make you want more! Much more! Take your time for two time-travels with Roland Voss and Lemongrass! But watch out: this double CD will only be released in a strictly limited edition!


01. La Musique (2003 Skydiver)

02. All there - Skadi Vocal Edit (2003 Unreleased)

03. La Plume (2002 Solar Incense/Japan only)

04. Elements (2002 Solar Incense/Japan only)

05. Journey To A Star (2001 Windows)

06. Cantaloup (2001 Vinyl Maxi only)

07. Rising Star (2000 Voyage Au Centre De La Terre)

08. Voyage à La Lune (2000 Voyage Au Centre De La Terre)

09. Dreams Are Real (1999 Lumiere Obscure)

10. Once Along The Way (1999 Lumiere Obscure)

11. Why (1998 Drumatic Universe)

12. There Is A Land (1998 Drumatic Universe)

13. Qu Est-Ce Que Tu Fais? (1998 Drumatic Universe)

01. Illusion (1997 Unreleased)

02. Little Alien (1998 Drumatic Universe)

03. Comme Toujours (1999 Lumiere Obscure)

04. The Bell - Floating Shadow Remix (2000 Vinyl Maxi: Falling Star only)

05. Nachtingales - Alternative Version (2000 Unreleased)

06. La Plus Jolie - Midsummer Remix (2000 Vinyl Maxi only)

07. La Mer (2000 Voyage Au Centre De La Terre)

08. Sunrise On Fujiyama (2001 Windows)

09. Wei Fung Chi (2001 Windows)

10. Umbalila (2001 Unreleased)

11. Bucca (2002 Solar Incense/Japan only)

12. Ocean (2002 Unreleased)

13. Bicycles (2003 Skydiver)

14. On The Way (2003 Skydiver)


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