Lemongrass - "Skydiver" (Japanese Version)

Release: 2003
Catalogue number: RTCD-0004
Label: Receptortune

The "Skydiver" album CD which was released on Mole Listening Pearls is sold out and no longer available.
This CD version was released only in Japan and is now available only in the Lemongrassmusic CD Shop !  Rare item !!

Roland Voss aka Lemongrass stays true to himself and offers mellow vibes resting on fat slow-motion beats. On „Skydiver“ you’ll encounter creamy sounds, melting away like vanilla ice in the sunshine, making you float through wafting clouds which only Lemongrass can generate. Lemongrass forages his magic chest, from where he salvages elegiac atmospheres, bewitching flutes, lugubrious vocals and even an old-fashioned musical box.

He manages to easily fuse all these diverging elements and integrates them in a charming composition. In contrast to his previous work, Lemongrass increases his focus on experimenting with slow-motion HipHop Beats, a feature which allows joyful relaxation without turning the album into a sleeping pill. Makes You Dive Deep Into The Sky!

01. All there
02. A fábula

03. Récréation

04. Wild Heat

05. Pacifique

06. On The Way

07. La musique

08. Enterprise

09. Beautiful Blue

10. Bicycles

11. Mira

12. Restful Motion

13. Le contact

Bonus on the Japanese version:
14. All There (Skadi Vocal Edit)
+ Extra promotion video of "Mira"

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