Lemongrass - "Fleur Solaire"

Release: 2004
Catalogue number: mole056-2
Label: Mole Listening Pearls


The sunflower is a very special part of creation. It is graceful and proud. Despite all its beauty it is not just a treat for the eye but it also offers a lot of other values. "Fleur Solaire" - in english: sunflower - is called the 6th album (mole 56-2) of Roland Voss – founder of Lemongrass – a title that obligates. When you put “Fleur Solaire” in the CD player you will feel like a field of sunflowers that follow the sun like the mirrors of a solar power plant to absorb as much power as they can. Roland Voss manages as usual to pull the listener into his spell. With Drum n Bass, TripHop, Downbeat and the best of Lounge sound, Roland Voss takes you on a journey into a dream world of music. Chill-out for your body and wellness for your soul. "Fleur solaire", that also contains a few House elements, is good for active listening as well as relaxing background music and will soon be an integral part of your life.

Once the album stops there is an emptiness that can only be filled by pressing the play button again. When you follow Voss to his "Jardin" (title 5), accompany him to his "Petit déjeuner" (title 11) or "Body building" (title 12), you will immediately look for the repeat function of your CD or mp3 player.

Caution: It is addictive. The musician - who produces near Bielefeld - harmonizes well with the singer Skadi from Hamburg with which he has recorded 6 titles of this album. With her smooth voice, Skadi asks the listener to follow her (title 13, "Come with me").


Who would refuse this offer? Roland Voss has again done a very good job and has proven his impressive versatility. All in all the new CD contains 14 titles that are varied, melodious, and rhythmic and that compose a great masterpiece. Just lean back, relax, and dream towards the (autumn) sun with Lemongrass and "Fleur Solaire".

 1. Fairyland
 2. Come In

 3. Belly Button

 4. Lightning Fire

 5. Jardin

 6. Connect You

 7. Feel all the time

 8. Bee (sunflower mix)

 9. Cascade

10. Larimar

11. Petit Dejeuner

12. Body Building

13. Come with me

14. Condor

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