Lemongrass - "Drumatic Universe"

Release: 1998
Catalogue number: inc!CD3323
Label: Incoming!

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In 1997, the first Lemongrass track "Summertime" was released on the Incoming! "Submerged" compilation: this track was a D&B cover version of the timeless Jazz standard. The first Lemongrass album "Drumatic Universe" was also released on Incoming! in May 1998 and was praised especially in France for the melancholic, dense and spherical D&B sound. Because of the label Incoming! went down this CD is now only available in the Lemongrassmusisc CD Shop.

 1. Coo.Lio.Yin
 2. Drifting

 3. Love Is Calling (Derrick's Remix)

 4. Etiolate

 5. Why?

 6. Tell It To My Heart

 7. Transcendental Meditation

 8. What Is Right

 9. Spira

10.There is a Land

11.Little Alien


13.Qu'est-ce que tu fais?

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