Lemongrass - "Beach Affairs" (2CD - best-of album)

Release: 2008
Catalogue number: mole084
Label: Mole Listening Pearls

With Lemongrass one of the most persistent artists in the soundworlds between Downbeat, Trip-Hop, Nu-Jazz and Drum & Bass grow up a whole decade long. Nearly any Compilation with the finest lounge sound features one of his tracks. The double album “Beach Affairs” offers a detailed overview on the work of Lemongrass: The Highlights of the late albums on Mole Listening Pearls and the very own label of Roland Voss: Lemongrassmusic. Beside others you can find on "Beach Affairs" the highlights from the albums "Fleur Solaire" (2004), "Ikebana" (2005), “Filmothèque” (2007) and "Pour L'Amour" (2008).


 1. Body Building
 2. Beach Ball

 3. For All Seasons

 4. Elle Et Moi

 5. Belly Button

 6. A Fábula

 7. Rendez-vous

 8. Loving You

 9. Salon De Musique

10. Fairyland

11. Beautiful Blue

12. Anohito

13. Lonely Beach

 1. Habla Mi Corazón

 2. Jardin

 3. Sakura

 4. Ocean Kiss

 5. Le Coup

 6. Come With Me

 7. Hot Day

 8. Wild Heat

 9. Les Vacances

10. Farewell

11. Le Ciel

12. Running Away

13. Le Contact

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